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Application of electric furnace

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In the realm of modern industrial manufacturing, the electric furnace stands as a cornerstone technology, vital for numerous processes across various sectors. This article explores the diverse applications of electric furnaces, emphasizing the innovation and expertise Kehua brings to its design and functionality.


Electric furnaces are heating devices that convert electrical energy into heat through resistive or inductive heating elements. Unlike traditional combustion furnaces, electric furnaces offer a clean, precise, and highly efficient method of reaching high temperatures in a controlled environment. The ability to achieve and maintain specific temperatures makes electric furnaces ideal for applications ranging from metalworking and ceramic production to chemical processing and research.

Applications of Electric Furnaces

1. Metallurgy and Foundries:

In metallurgy, electric furnaces are indispensable for melting and refining metals, including steel, aluminum, copper, and precious metals. They provide the high temperatures needed for smelting ores and recycling scrap metal. Kehua's electric arc furnaces are particularly valued in steelmaking, capable of reaching up to 1800°C, which is essential for producing high-quality steel.

2. Glass Manufacturing:

Electric furnaces are critical in the glass manufacturing industry, where they are used to melt sand and other raw materials into glass. The ability to closely control the furnace temperature ensures that glass is produced with consistent properties and clarity. Kehua designs furnaces that can maintain the uniform temperatures needed to produce everything from window panes to delicate glassware.

3. Ceramics:

The production of ceramics requires precise heat treatment processes, often involving multiple stages of firing at high temperatures. Electric furnaces provide the consistent heating required to ensure that ceramic products are durable and aesthetically pleasing. Kehua's furnaces are widely used in the ceramics industry to produce tiles, pottery, and advanced ceramic materials.

4. Semiconductor Manufacturing:

In the semiconductor industry, high-purity and precisely controlled environments are mandatory. Electric furnaces are used to grow semiconductor crystals and deposit thin films of material onto semiconductor wafers. Kehua's furnaces offer the advanced temperature control and cleanliness standards essential for these tasks.

5. Chemical Processing:

Electric furnaces play a role in chemical laboratories and plants, where they are used for calcination, drying, and chemical synthesis processes. They provide a safe, clean, and controlled source of heat for conducting reactions and processing chemicals.

6. Heat Treatment of Metals:

Hardening, annealing, and tempering of metals require precise control over the heating and cooling cycles. Kehua's electric furnaces are pivotal in these processes, ensuring that metals achieve desired mechanical properties, such as increased hardness or ductility.

The Kehua Advantage

Kehua distinguishes itself not only through the quality of its electric furnaces but also through innovation and customer-focused solutions. By incorporating the latest advancements in thermal technology, control systems, and energy efficiency, Kehua ensures its electric furnaces meet the evolving needs of modern industries. Moreover, Kehua is committed to environmental sustainability, constantly seeking ways to reduce energy consumption and increase the efficiency of its products.


The application of electric furnaces spans a broad spectrum of industries, each benefiting from the unique advantages these devices offer. From crafting delicate glass products to forging robust metal alloys, electric furnaces facilitate essential processes that underpin industrial and technological progress.

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