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Energy-saving Induction Melting Furnace (Steel Shell)


The steel shell furnace produced by Kehua company is an equipment with high safety, high efficiency and convenient maintenance in the induction melting system. It is basically designed with a thickwalled cylinder combined with a thick-walled non-rectangular tube structure, a unique shock absorption, top fixed magnetic yoke structure. It combines the advantages of aluminum shell and steel shell furnace, and evenly supports the coil from all directions.

The top and bottom refractory casting blocks with integral casting design have great strength. The furnace platform is made of refractory materials to protect the steel plate of the furnace platform from deformation. The thickness of the aluminum oxide coating on the coil surface is appropriate and durable.

The sturdy yoke and the upper and lower Faraday rings guide and concentrate the induced magnetic field into the molten pool. This design eliminates the induction heating of the furnace body and the metal objects outside the furnace. Each cooling water circuit has flow, temperature protection and temperature display functions.Furnace body assembly with smoking ring

The furnace cover cooperates with various forms of smoking structure to obtain ideal energy saving and environmental protection effects

The design of the dust suction ring is safe, reliable and without movement mechanism, and the installation is simple. It is suitable for some feeding methods and production places where dust hoods can not be used.

Furnace body assembly with forward and backward tilting dust cover.

The front-to-back tilting vacuum hood, solid steel structure design, the furnace cover built with refractory material is fixed in the middle of the vacuum hood, and the entire vacuum hood can be opened through the hydraulic cylinder. It is necessary to change the opening direction of the dust hood by operating and changing the position of the positioning pin.

The heat loss in the electric furnace smelting process, and at the same time, the dust hood absorbs dust and exhaust gas through a certain amount of air suction, and achieves and improves the exhaust gas emission effect.

The welded steel dust hood shell can be opened back and forth by a hydraulic oil cylinder, and connected to the exhaust gas discharge and dust suction pipeline system through a flange located on the rotary shaft of the furnace body.

When the entire dust hood is opened in the positive direction, the feeding operation is performed.

The entire vacuum hood can be opened in reverse. This design is conducive to the operation of ejecting the furnace without removing the vacuum hood. It is easy to repair the pouring port of induction furnace. The front-to-back tilting dust cover should operate under the condition of satisfying the suction volume.

Note: Long term work of the dust hood in the absence of wind or insufficient air volume will cuase damage to the equipment.



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TEL: +86-536-8315005
MOB: +86-13963651961
FAX: +86-536-8315005
ADD: No.999, Gongye 1st Street, Weicheng Economic Development Zone, Weifang City, Shandong Province, China.

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